Speak Up with Concerns or Questions

Sage encourages any person with concerns or questions regarding a potential violation of Sage’s Code of Business Conduct, any company policy or procedure, or applicable law or regulation to seek guidance or otherwise report such concerns or questions.

Requests or Reports

Requests for guidance or reports may be made using the following resources:

  • Email to sage@openboard.info (anonymity cannot be maintained)
  • In writing (may be done anonymously), addressed to the Compliance Officer, by U.S. mail to c/o Sage Therapeutics, Inc., 215 First Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142
  • Online at www.openboard.info/sage (may be done anonymously)
  • By telephone at 877-215-0214. This accesses a voicemail account that we have established for receipt of questions and reports of potential violations of the Code (may be done anonymously)

Cooperation.  Employees are expected to cooperate with the Company in any investigation of a potential violation of the Code, any other company policy or procedure, or any applicable law, rule or regulation.


When reporting suspected violations of the Code, the Company prefers that officers and employees identify themselves to facilitate the Company’s ability to take appropriate steps to address the report, including conducting any appropriate investigation. Sage recognizes, however, that some people may feel more comfortable reporting a suspected violation anonymously.

If an officer or employee wishes to remain anonymous, he or she may do so, and the Company will use reasonable efforts to protect the confidentiality of the reporting person subject to applicable law, rule or regulation or to any applicable legal proceedings. Persons who make reports anonymously should provide as much detail as is reasonably necessary to permit the Company to evaluate the matter(s) set forth in the anonymous report and, if appropriate, commence and conduct an appropriate investigation.